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Ridgway Adventure · Young people

In July and August we offer summer camps for young people who come from all over the world to experience real adventure in this beautiful landscape.

It is a chance to make new friends, often from different nations and to develop and grow as individuals through exciting activities and adventures in the mountains, on the sea and around the shore.

We meet all young people in Inverness at the start of the camp and travel up to the Adventure School together. It is easy and affordable to get to Inverness with direct flights from Gatwick, Luton, Bristol, Birmingham, and Manchester and also from Amsterdam and Dusseldorf.

We are family run, with a small team of young, friendly and well trained instructors, a comfy wooden long building just yards from the shore, great home cooked food. The camp splits into small teams of similar ages for the adventures.

Read more about the different types of summer camp below.

6 Day Adventure Summer Camp (11-15yrs)

Sea kayak on the sheltered loch, rock climb and abseil from an ancient rocky outcrop, climb a mountain from a wild base camp, swim in the sea, build rafts from salvaged materials and race them in the sea loch, learn to forage for and cook wild foods, lay pots for crabs and lobsters, beach day on empty golden sands and survive overnight together on an un-inhabited island.

Great for:

  • Getting in to a wild environment and exploring it in lots of different way
  • Young people who want more adventure than your average summer activity camp
  • Young people coming alone, or with a brother, sister, cousin or friend

14 Day Expedition Summer Camp (14-17yrs)

Based around a series of grand expeditions in the mountains and on the sea, surviving overnight on an island, beach day on golden sands, a traditional local Highland Games and culminating with an expedition to Cape Wrath.

Great for young people:

  • From all over the UK and Europe
  • To have fun, exciting and challenging adventures together and journey into wild places
  • To discover that they can do and achieve far more than they thought
  • From Europe to spend two weeks speaking English and developing language skills without the need for a classroom or a tutor

10 Day Young Leaders Summer Camp (16-18yrs)

A small team of up to 8 young people, all with prior experiences in the outdoors, gaining practical peer leadership experience during new, exciting, challenging and independent expeditions. A highly personal and individual level of input from Mark, Rebecca and the Instructors.

Open coastline sea kayaking; navigating at night on foot; using swim lines to cross to islands close to shore; unfamiliar mountain ascents; completing tasks to retrieve supply drops; sleeping in bivvies on remote beaches and rocky coves.

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There have been 14-day Summer Camps here at Ardmore since the early days of the John Ridgway Adventure School. Although the format has changed a little in the last 40 years, the summer camps continue to be a source of great adventure, getting the most out of all the young people that join us.

Each year we have a handful of the sons and daughters of course participants from the early years, whose parents still remember their formative experiences here nearly 40 years ago.

“The boys had a fantastic time – they haven't stopped talking about it and love telling everyone what they have been up to. They are already talking about going on one of your adult holidays when they are old enough”

Mrs Bickerstaff, Scotland

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