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Ridgway Adventure · Summer camps for young people
Code of behaviour

Participants are expected to follow all safety instructions and advice, both written and verbal, and not to act in any way that may compromise the safety, enjoyment, learning or well being of themselves, other participants or Ridgway Adventure staff.

We do not permit smoking during participants’ stay at Ridgway Adventure. It presents a fire risk at all times to our environment, wooden buildings and other areas in our remote location. Please note that it is now illegal in the UK to smoke in public places.

We do not permit the consumption or possession of alcohol, drugs or banned substances when participants are in the charge of Ridgway Adventure. This includes travelling on the coach to Ridgway Adventure at the beginning of the holiday. Participants who choose not to recognise this will be repatriated immediately.

We do not permit any form of anti-social behaviour, bullying, intimidation or rudeness to other participants or to our staff. Though rarely a problem, we will be firm with participants who show signs of anti-social or problem behaviour. If problem behaviour persists, we will contact parents/guardians and will reserve the right to send any participant home immediately at parents’/guardians’ expense and to charge for any additional costs incurred. It will be for parents/guardians to arrange for transport and /or accommodation for the person/s involved. No refunds will be considered for any participant sent home.

Participants will be required to pay for any damage caused by wilful behaviour. If damage to property or equipment occurs where nobody admits responsibility then we will seek collective payment from all persons deemed to be involved in the act of damage.